Forrest Hobbs

Forrest made Colorado his home in 1994. He was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. He moved to Colorado because of his love for the outdoors and to compete in mountain bike races during the mid 90’s.

Forrest has been involved in real estate and real estate finance for the past 10 years. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology from CSU in 1996. He worked for a Geotechnical Engineering firm in Denver before earning his MBA from the University of Colorado in 2002. In 2003 he completed a Masters of Science in Finance from the University of Colorado.After graduate school, Forrest worked as a commercial lender in Denver providing construction financing and real estate financing for his clients. Working as a commercial loan officer was an excellent learning opportunity, but Mr. Hobbs’ entrepreneurial nature led him away from banking and into real estate investing in 2006 with the purchase of his first investment property. His first rehab to resell project was a success, and the rest is history.

Forrest is knowledgeable about investing in multi-unit income properties. He is currently helping clients build their income property portfolios and he is also building his own portfolio of income properties. He is experienced in evaluating property condition, repair/rehab costs and assessing property net cash flows to determine accurate property valuations for his clients.

Mr. Hobbs has a passion for real estate, construction and investing. Real estate is an integral part of his life, thus he has a complete understanding of the neighborhoods in the City of Denver. His love of learning is a perfect match for real estate because an intelligent and patient investor is rewarded for his market knowledge.

Forrest lives in the Park Hill Neighborhood in NE Denver.

During his free time he likes to pursue his passion for riding off-road motorcycles. He likes the big jumps at the motocross track and he equally enjoys snaking through a remote single track trail in the high country of Colorado.

Mr. Hobbs competed in the world’s biggest desert race, the Baja 1000, in 2009 (5th place) and 2011 (3rd place). During the summer of 2014, Mr. Hobbs is going to Romania to compete in a 5-day hard enduro race called Romaniacs. It is arguably the world’s toughest hard enduro event. 5 days in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania will present the rider with extreme beauty coupled with extreme brutality. It takes a unique person to willingly participate in such an event. Such extreme events teach perseverance, tenacity and accurate judgment of situations, which are personality traits necessary for succeeding in real estate brokerage and investing.

Mr. Hobbs also enjoys reading, cooking, his pets, going out on the town, spending time in the outdoors and sharing time with friends and family.

Denver has been an excellent home for Mr. Hobbs during the past 15 years. He enjoys the restaurants, public parks, breweries, farmer’s markets etc. that are an integral part of this great city.

Give Forrest a call if you would like to find a great home in Denver that satisfies your tastes and preferences.